ACS International Center Live Talk and Webinar

International Collaboration at the National Science Foundation: Expanding the Frontiers of Research and Creating a Globally-Engaged Workforce

On September 29, 2016, the ACS International Center had the opportunity to host Dr. Rebecca Keiser for a conversation on global scientific collaboration and the next big ideas and priorities for NSF. 

About the speaker

Dr. Rebecca Keiser, Head of the Office of International Science & Technology (OISE) at the National Science Foundation spoke to a live and web audience at ACS headquarters on September 29, 2016. Dr. Keiser's talk focused on the big ideas and processes coming out of the NSF and highlighted the importance of global scientific collaboration. What does science collaboration on a global scale mean for U.S. based researchers and why is it so critical? Join Dr. Keiser and the ACS International Center for this talk on promoting the exchange of ideas and talent in the STEM community.

The talk was presented before a live audience with an interactive online audience participating in the conversation as well. 

View Dr. Keiser's slides here


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