ACS International Center™ Resources on Global Scientific Collaboration & Training

The American Chemical Society International Center and its affiliates offer an authoritative breadth of  resources available to scientists and engineers looking to globalize their science and engage in international training and collaboration worldwide.

The ACS International Center is pleased to bring you a wealth of resources dedicated to expanding your global scientific career. Look for changes in the coming months as we update this page to help you build the case for international STEM exchange and global research collaboration worldwide. Below are some highlighted resources which make the case for global scientific collaboration. 

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C&EN Jobs (formerly ACS Careers Jobs Database) offers an extensive network of jobs and employment opportunities for chemists and scientific professionals

the most comprehensive source of information on chemical research and researchers at universities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

A monthly newsletter with updates, announcements, resources, and news for grad students and postdocs

Learn how to building leadership skills, take in-peron and online short courses, and get advice for entrepreneurs

Create a job search plan to ensure that you have everything ready and in place to stand out from the crowd and make an outstanding impression on any prospective employer


EURAXESS jobs board promotes relocation of researchers to Europe for professional development


This video from Industry leader ThermoScientific encompasses the essence of why global science collaboration is critical to your career success.

Mobility of Researchers

Chinese chemistry Ph.D. grads are forgoing U.S. postdocs (C&E News)- What does this mean for the future of scientific collaboration?