The ACS International Center and ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety are pleased to produce a webinar on global lab safety.

Going Beyond Borders: Lab Safety Around the Globe

Every day, thousands of scientists travel around the globe to engage in scientific exchange, training and collaboration. No matter where you go, learning about the lab safety issues and practices used in the host country should always be a top priority. This webinar will address safety issues while hosting a visiting scholar or issues you may come across as visiting scientist. Risk assessment, how to adjust safety expectations to available resources and best practices for lab safety in a global context will all be addressed during this webinar. Join the conversation on this growing topic! 

Download the slides here.

About the speakers

Ralph Stuart speaker

Sammye Sigmann

Ralph Stuart-Keene College, New Hampshire, USA

After more than 25 years of laboratory safety experience at the University of Vermont and Cornell University, Ralph joined Keene State College as the Chemical Hygiene Officer in 2014. He has been the secretary of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety of the ACS for 10 years and is the chair of the Safety Advisory Panel of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety. He received his B.S. from Cornell University and an M.S. in environmental engineering from the University of Vermont.

Sammye Sigmann-Appalachian State University-North Carolina, USA

Samuella Sigmann has 30+ years of experience in an academic chemistry department. She holds a BS in Chemistry/Biology, a MA in Chemistry and a MS in OSH.  She is currently employed at Appalachian State University and is the Director of the Stockroom, a senior lecturer, and the departmental CHO. She is active on university safety committees, serves on the Safety Committee for the ACS Division of Chemical Education, is an Associate Member on the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety, and is the Long Range Planning Chair on the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety Executive Committee. In 2009, she traveled to Kurdistan to participate in a US State Department Grant chemistry curriculum development project.