The governments of the United States of America (through the Department of State) and India (through the Department of Science & Technology) have established the United States–India Science & Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF) for the promotion of joint activities that may lead to innovation and entrepreneurship through the application of science and technology.


Through a competitive grants program, the Fund selects and supports financially promising joint U.S.-India entrepreneurial initiatives that address the theme of “commercializing technologies for societal impact.” These initiatives may originate from government, academic, non-governmental or commercial entities, and any combination thereof provided they focus on applied R&D, incorporate a business plan and proof of commercial concept, and have significant sustainable commercial potential.

Program Areas

Individual Health

Supports the development of affordable biomedical devices, diagnostic/preventive/curative measures, or food and nutrition products to improve health. (Drug development and clinical trials are not eligible activities in this category).

Citizen Empowerment

Supports efforts to reduce the digital/technology divide. This could include information and communication technologies with societal impact in areas such as water, agriculture, financial inclusion, and education, among other areas.

Subject to change with evolving priorities. Promising areas other than the above areas may also be considered.

Check website for eligibility information.

Agencies Involved: United States Department of State, Indian Department of Science and Technology

Key Dates: See website for dates and timelines