Part of the gender equality strategy at the Technische Universität Berlin, IPODI aims to increase the number of female researchers in leadership positions. The IPODI fellowship is open to female researchers of all nationalities from all research fields represented at the TU-Berlin. IPODI fellows will participate in professional training and networking events, receive an annual travel stipend, receive up to €4,800 in research costs, and a full-time salary and contract with the university.

Selected applicants will have at least two years of research experience (but not to exceed ten years) following the award of a doctoral degree. Applicants will have not had a substantial experience (work or training) for more than 12 months in Germany in the last three years and the application must receive a letter of support/cooperation from a professor of the TU-Berlin.

Key Agencies: Technical University of Berlin

Key Dates: Deadlines for the IPODI program are released with new call for proposals. Proposals are typically due in January.