The International Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Program provides financial support for the post-doctoral research of bright young scientists who pursue research and advanced training in collaboration with mentors at major cancer centers in the United States.
Post-doctoral research fellowships are a critical component in advancing cancer research, as they support talented young scientists with innovative project ideas at a time in their careers when funding from other sources is less certain. AICF’s Program differs from most other U.S.-based research fellowship programs in that it focuses on providing opportunities for Italian researchers to train and conduct research at the major cancer centers in the United States.
An AICF research fellowship is awarded for a one-year period. A few selected fellowships may be considered for a second year of funding. All applications are reviewed by AICF’s Scientific Advisory Board Executive Committee.

Agencies involved: American-Italian Cancer Foundation

Eligibility: Fellowships are available for Italians working at institutions in the United States and for USA citizens working at institutions in Italy

Key Dates: Applications are typically due in February